Arboriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, breeding, dairy industry … Since 1982, UVRER has specialized in UV technology (type C) (for water treatment and surface disinfection) and in photocatalysis (for air purification) which allows us to offer chemicals free solutions. Those clean and reliable technologies respect the health of users and the environment: ultraviolet does not generate any harmful by-products. We therefore offer many ranges of water treatment, air purification and surface disinfection devices, and we also often produce tailor-made modules adapted to our customers’ needs

Our goal: to enable you to reduce or even completely eliminate chemicals in your process. Thanks to our three complementary activities which are water, air and surface treatment, we are able to intervene at different stages of your production process (see the diagram below which illustrates the diversity of our field of action , here for horticulture but available for multiple applications).

UV water treatment

Towards organic farming

Whether you are looking to secure network water in order to supply your cheese production, to conserve and reuse rainwater to use it to water your crops, to recycle the washing water of your fruits and vegetables, to ensure the bacterial quality of the water in your fish or in your hydroponics… We do everything in our power to guarantee you qualitative water, adapted to your needs.

To achieve this, we first start the enquiry with you to comprehend your needs & your current water quality. Our experts helped by our design office then start a study to identify the most suitable solution. If our product ranges are not suitable then we offer you a tailor-made solution. Once the study is validated with you, we begin the design, start manufacturing (in our premises, in Lyon). We finally carry out efficiency tests and can also assume the delivery of the device if needed.

Agriculture UV treatment
PEHD Piscine
Station de fromagerie


2,80 m3/h to 700 m3/h

Drain valve, air drain, IP55 electrical box, electronic ballast, lamp witness, electromechanical hour counter…


3 m3/h to 4 m3/h

Clamped body (easier maintenance), slamping valve, flow rate limiter, filter holder integrated, nanometers In/Out…


15 m3/h to 130 m3/h

 Sampling valves, inspection door and drain valve, CFD software…

Agriculture UV treatment

UV disinfection of surfaces

Towards organic farming

After harvesting / slaughtering, it is necessary to disinfect the products to secure the quality of production. Thus, you will limit your losses due to bacteria and microorganisms present on surfaces. Ultraviolet rays allow instant disinfection, without adding of chemicals.

Disinfection conveyors, mobile disinfection tunnel, vibrating conveyors … We make tailor-made devices that can be easily integrated into a production line. We adapt to many constraints such as your pace, any regulations related to your activity, the efficiency required for the destruction of a specific germ … We calculate, design, manufacture and test everything in-house, in Lyon.

Surfaces disinfection


Disinfection of flower boxes, fruit and vegetable crates … Mobile station, can be integrated above a conveyor or other.


Disinfection of products and conveyor belt.


Pouring tray and vibrating conveyor suitable for semolina grains. The vibrations make it possible to turn the grains in order to disinfect all their surfaces.

UV air purification

Towards organic farming

Once harvesting / slaughtering and disinfection is complete, it is important to be able to store the production and then transport it, making sure that nothing comes, after the fact, to contaminate the products. Fruits and vegetables produce ethylene which accelerates their rotting and flowers, like animal matter, are victims of airborne contamination during storage / transport. This is why it is essential to put in place air purification systems capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, spores, germs and various microorganisms.

During a study carried out by one of our customers (orange producer), equipping him storage space with our range of air purifiers enabled him to gain 1 month of storage (out of 5) and to limit its production losses between 15% and 40%. Our processing systems also limit product weight loss during storage.

Agriculture UV treatment
Bora Vichy
Hegoa500 800


7 m3/h to 14 m3/h

Double speed…

SILUXE 50 & 100

30 m3/h to 100 m3/h

2 speeds, nomadic system, hour meter…

HEGOA 500 & 800

500 m3/h à 800 m3/h

Single speed, double internal reactor, hour meter…

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