Our UV Technology for optimal surfaces disinfection

The treatment and disinfection of surfaces is a major challenge for many sectors of activity. At UVRER, we have developed expertise in the ultraviolet disinfection of all types of surfaces, based on our experience as an ultraviolet pioneer on the French market.

Our core business is based on adaptability and versatility allowing us to be able to respond to all types of disinfection issues, with the design and manufacture of 100% custom-made devices adapted to your specific needs.

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Désinfection des surfaces par ultraviolet
Traitement des surfaces par UV

How does our UV-C technology for surfaces disinfection work?

In the nature, there are several types of UV radiations emitted by the sun : UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. At UVRER, we use a specific UV-C wavelength that has the ability to eradicate all types of microorganisms.

These UV-C radiations emitted by our devices go through the cytoplasmic membrane of organisms and penetrates into the nucleus of cells. Once these are divided, the molecular structure of DNA breaks, the micro-organism becomes harmless.

Effectiveness criteria for UV-C surface treatment:

  • the type of microorganism/virus to be destroyed
  • lamp power
  • exposure time
  • the total area to be disinfected
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Our devices guarantee you maximum disinfection performance

without the use of chemicals.

Discover our solutions

Désinfection de surfaces


A mobile and lightweight device, easily integrated into a work environment and adaptable to many applications

Surfaces disinfection


Designed for the disinfection of bulk products, allowing them to be turned over and fully disinfected

Caisson de désinfection UV

UV-C disinfection box

Versatile device for the disinfection of small and medium-sized objects. Reliable, economical and easy to use solution.

For a wide range of applications

  • Disinfection of roses
  • Disinfection of insect eggs
  • Disinfection of fruits
  • Disinfection of mattress
  • Disinfection of pharmaceutical or laboratory elements
  • Disinfection of food containers
  • Disinfection of vehicles
  • And many others according to your specific needs

Surface disinfection by UV-C can be applied in many industries for various applications:

Ultraviolet surface disinfection

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