In food processing industries the presence of biological contaminants causes a number of problems and amongst other things potentially increases the consumer health  risk

  • Degradation of product quality
  • Reduction of product shelf life
  • Requirement to stop the production line to conduct a cleaning
  • Use of chemical product for disinfection

To overcome the various outlined problems linked to contamination, UV RER/ANEMO designs and manufactures equipment, dedicated to surface treatment and disinfection for food industry. These UVc disinfection systems are especially suitable for sterilization of food products and their packaging as well as for conveyor belt. The disinfection technology of UV RER/ANEMO is safe and multifunction, and assures high destruction of biological contaminants that are typically found in the food industry processing.

traitement de surface uv agroalimentaire

The design and construction of UVc disinfection system is tailored in accordance with the specifications of the customers’ projects and existing equipment. As a matter of fact, the configuration of the disinfection system will be different depending on the type of germs to be treated, the conveyor speed or the dimensions of the belt.

Application Areas

  • Surface Disinfection of conveyor belts of food chain process.
  • Surface Disinfection of packaging (food wrapping, boxes, cartons, wrapping films…)
  • Surface Disinfection of food products (meat, fruits and vegetables, bakery…)

traitement des surfaces en milieu pharmaceutique, mécical et chimique
traitement des surfaces agroalimentaires
traitement des surfaces agroalimentaires
traitement des surfaces en milieu pharmaceutique, médical et chimique

Benefits of UV RER/ANEMO Surface Disinfection Technology

  • UVc Surface Disinfection system perfectly adaptable on an existing conveyor belt
  • Option to design a customized UVc disinfection system that can fit to different sized of existing conveyor belt
  • Superficial sterilization of surfaces including food (meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods …)
  • The combined surface treatment of the product and its packaging can significantly reduce contamination by microorganisms resulting in a greater shelf life.
  • All UV RER/ANEMO surface disinfection systems are equipped with a lamp protection to ensure no broken glass is in contact with food in case of lamp breakage.
  • Significant reduction of use of chemicals for disinfection.
  • Significant reduction of use of water.
  • Automatic stop system included: this prevents overexposure when stopping the conveyor.
  • An ultra-fast processing (a few seconds maximum) which allows not to change the production process.