UV treatment of bathing water

Our UVc water treatment equipment guarantee your bathing water (swimming pools, spas and natural pools) impeccable hygiene and bathing comfort. In contact with the skin, chlorine can cause many irritations and allergies. Ultraviolet treatment is an alternative solution and the use of pathogens is therefore limited or even non-existent depending on the quality of your water.

UVc rays also eliminate chlorine resistant elements, odors as well as chloramine itself. In addition, natural pools must be treated without the use of chemicals in order to guarantee a healthy environment for the ecosystems present and for swimmers. Ultraviolet eliminates algae and microbiological contamination.

Traitement UV piscine

Disinfection of bathing water

Produits eau SUNEO


10m3/h to 50m3/h

Produits eau SPA


1,40m3/h to 3m3/h

FZI Piscine


10 m3/h to 155 m3/h

suitable for large pools

PEHD Piscine


16 m3/h to 76m3/h

suitable for salt water ponds and pools

Metering pump

Produits eau coffret duo


Automatic management of the pH as well as the injection of a residual product for ponds up to 200 m3.

Tailor-made installations

mix buffet


Share your needs with our teams, we will develop the ideal installation !

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