Medical offices, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, pharmacies, independent professionals… Since 1982, UVRER has specialized in UV technology (type C) (for water treatment and surface disinfection) and in photocatalysis ( for air purification) which allows us to offer chemicals free solutions. In fact, these are clean and reliable technologies that respect the health of users and the environment: ultraviolet does not generate any harmful by-products. We therefore offer many ranges of air purification and surface disinfection devices for medical environments.

Our goal: to guarantee you optimal hygiene in your workplace to minimize the risk of infection and disease transmission, while respecting your health and that of your patients.

Traitement UV médical

UV surface disinfection

medical equipment

Contamination between individuals, of containers, various medical tools, surfaces in treatment rooms, practices… In the medical field, pharmacy or even chemistry, sterilization of surfaces is essential in order to eradicate sources of contamination and thus comply with hygiene standards.

Disinfection of medical tools or an entire room in a few minutes between the passage of two patients: we offer ranges adapted to the many problems of medical professionals. We also make tailor-made devices to meet your specific needs and which will easily integrate into your work environment. We calculate, design, manufacture and test everything in-house, in Lyon.



Manual disinfection device. 99.999% virucidal and sporicidal

UVPUR 36 Mini

Manual disinfection device, on battery. 99.999% virucidal and sporicidal

UVPUR 360°

Autonomous 360° disinfection in minutes. Virucidal, sporicidal up to 99.999%

Medical equipment for

air purification by photocatalysis

In doctor’s offices and treatment rooms, surface disinfection can be supplemented by air purification. Indeed, many patients circulate within the premises and can thus generate contamination via the air they exhale. The purification of the air thus enable to cut down viruses and bacteria which are not eliminated during the ventilation of the room and thus to secure these spaces. In laboratories, air purification keeps the bacteriological level as low as possible.

Our air purifiers kill VOCs, viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and mold. Thanks to photocatalysis, they are compatible with the presence of individuals. It is therefore not necessary to quarantine spaces (as it is with ozone for example) which represents a significant time saving between the passage of two patients. Our devices act in addition to the hygiene measures in force in the sector.

Traitement air UV médical
Bora Vichy
Hegoa500 800


7 m3/h to 14 m3/h

Eliminates 99.96% of the coronavirus, single speed, headrest attachment

SILUXE 50 & 100

30 m3/h to 100 m3/h

Eliminates 99.96% of the coronavirus, 2 speeds, nomadic system

HEGOA 500 & 800

500 m3/h to 800 m3/h

Eliminates 99.96% of the coronavirus, single speed, double internal reactor

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