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Many people meet at their workplace on a daily basis and they are in constant interaction with each other. In order to enable them to work in a healthy and safe environment, air renewal plays a crucial role. Bacteria, VOCs and viruses circulate there and although daily aeration is strongly recommended, it is also necessary to ensure continuous air purification. By preventing the risk of disease and contagion within the premises of your company, you will thus protect the health of your collaborators and/or your customers.

At UVRER we have developed Siluxe, an air purification solution by photocatalysis and ultraviolet technology capable of treating up to 100m3 of air in 1 hour. This device kills bacteria and viruses present in a room and therefore ensure optimal collective hygiene. The Siluxe is a solution that respects the health of its users and can be used throughout the day, in the presence of individuals.

Efficiency certified at 99.96%

against Coronavirus

Over an operating period of 5 min in position “I”, the Siluxe air purifier of the ANEMO range from UVRER eliminate 99.96% of the human Coronavirus 229E present in the air of the enclosure test. It is a stonger strain and very similar to SARS-CoV-2 (this one is prohibited to handling). The test protocol was carried out three times in a row by an independent French reference laboratory specializing in microbiology. Scientific studies have therefore made it possible to provide concrete proof of the effectiveness of Siluxe on a coronavirus strain and thus provide our customers with an answer to their problems and concerns.


Siluxe: a device of French design and manufacture.

Since 1982, we have been designing and manufacturing Ultraviolet treatment devices for the disinfection of fluids (water and air) and surfaces. From their conception to their realization, we develop qualitative & innovative products from French industrial and university research, perfectly adaptable to your specific needs.

Possible applications

An air purification solution suitable for many applications:

  • Company premises: offices, meeting rooms, break spaces …
  • Medical offices: waiting rooms, examination rooms …
  • Shops and public places: shops, reception hall, classrooms …
  • And many other applications.

Personalize your device in your colors.

Beyond its efficiency and its unique reduction rate, the Siluxe is a modern and design air purifier. Choice of your color, addition of your logo by laser cutting … Make your Siluxe unique and equip yourself with a device that is both efficient and aesthetic.
Siluxe personnalisation

Easily secure your entire working environment:


Daily and manual surfaces disinfection solution



Stand-alone solution for 360 ° disinfection of spaces

UVPUR 360°


Solution for disinfecting objects, tools, utensils