Air purification and surface disinfection in taxis, driving schools, ambulances, buses, car dealerships and trains … Since 1982, UVRER is specialised in UV technology (type C) (for surface disinfection) and in photocatalysis (for air purification) which allows us to offer solutions free of chemicals. Indeed, these are clean and reliable technologies, respectful of their users health and the environment: ultraviolet does not generate any harmful by-product. We offer many ranges of air purification and surface disinfection devices (we also produce tailor-made modules, adapted to our customers’ specifications).

Our goal : to guarantee you an optimal hygiene of the air and surfaces of your vehicle, in order to welcome your customers and employees in complete safety. Our complementary devices will allow you to kill all kind of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, spores, VOCs and more while reducing or even completely eliminating the use of chemicals.

In this article, we present in two parts :

  • our air purification solutions by photocatalysis
  • and ultraviolet surface disinfection

Air purifier suitable for vehicles


We breathe in many microorganisms every day including viruses and bacteria. In a space as confined as a car, a tram or an ambulance, purifying the air is essential in order to limit the risk of contamination between people as much as possible. This also helps to reassure drivers, confronted every day with the comings and goings of a multitude of people. Purifying the air helps to kill viruses and bacteria when they are not eliminated when the room is ventilated. Confined spaces will be secure while maintaining the healthiest possible air.

Our air purifiers kill VOCs, viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria and mold. Photocatalysis is compatible with the presence of people : it is not necessary to quarantine spaces (unlike ozone, for example), which saves significant time between the passage of two clients. Our devices are effective on air in addition to the hygiene measures in force in various sectors.

Bora Vichy


7 m3/h to 14 m3/h

Single speed, double internal reactor…

Surface disinfection

suitable for vehicles

The disinfection of surfaces is also essential in order to respect hygiene standards when you welcome the public : disinfection of seats and handles, bars, wheel, luggage… You will limit the risk of contamination due to bacteria and microorganisms present on the surfaces of your vehicle. Ultraviolet rays allow instant disinfection, without the addition of chemicals.

We offer ranges of products and also make them tailor-made. Indeed, we adapt to many constraints such as any regulations related to your activity, the efficiency required for the destruction of a specific germ… We calculate, design, manufacture and test everything internally, in Lyon.



Manual disinfection device. 99.999% virucidal and sporicidal

UVPUR 36 Mini

Manual disinfection device, on battery. 99.999% virucidal and sporicidal

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