Who are we?

An excellent water, air and surface quality is essential to ensure hygiene and optimal health. We aim at contributing to the construction of a healthier world where respect for man and environment are the heart of our society mindset. The ultraviolet water, air and surface treatment solutions we are developing significantly reduce the impact of industry on the environment.

RER (and his UVRER brand) has been the first company in its market to specialize in water, air and surface treatment by ultraviolet technology / photocatalysis. From their conception to their realization, we develop quality products, innovative, resulting from industrial research and French university, perfectly adaptable to your specific needs.

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Created in 1982, RER was the first company on the French market to use Ultraviolet to treat water. Over the years, our business expanded, and we diversified into air treatment, then surface.


Harmless to people and environment, the ultraviolet technology treats fluids and surfaces in a complete ecological way and respectful of the users. It’s a physical process that drives the destruction of micro-organisms without the using any chemicals.


Our will: to be constantly at the forefront of innovation to guarantee you a perfect quality of water, air and surfaces to work and live in a healthier world. Our research and development team is attentive to market developments and designs products adapted not only to the new demands but also to the singularity of those you will formulate.


With a team of fifteen people, UVRER is a human sized family owned brand. Our engineers design tailormade products, perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs. Our flexibility, responsiveness and our ability to customize our offers make UVRER a reliable, efficient brand with unique and high quality products.


UVRER is a family sized company , listening to your needs and requests. Our sales team is in direct contact with you to ensure the smooth running of projects and provide relevant advice. We value being available when you need it, and we do not have a remote answering plateform, everything happens in our company headquarter in Lyon. Whether it is a simple technical information or a custom order, you will always be quickly put in relation with the right person.