Rainwater treatment and reuse

Dripping in quantity on our roofs, easy to recover… Rainwater can be reused in many ways. Making it clean, bacteria-free and odor-free is a challenge for more and more consumers (domestic, industry, communities).

UVRER devices make it possible to reuse rainwater in many applications:

Domestic use:

  • Shower
  • Washing machine supply
  • Flush supply

Use for communities:

  • Road cleaning (sidewalks, market places)
  • Filling fire water tanks
  • Filling of ornamental ponds
Réutilisation des eaux pluviales

What regulations?

Indoor use

  • Fill the toilet flush
  • Wash the floors
  • Washing machine supply

Outdoor use

You can use rainwater freely outside homes, especially for watering gardens or cleaning cars. Skids for the recovery and treatment of rainwater positioned upstream must comply with the laws of the country.


Save the energy needed for the treatment chain for potabilisation


Conserve groundwater supplies and limit rainwater runoff


Save water for irrigation use

Our adapted sterilizers

Domestic professional range

With 5/20 μ filtration and activated carbon (depending on available dimensions):

Stérilisateur UV Station MINI REP

Mini Rep station

240 to 370 L/h

Stérilisateur UV Station Eureka 36

Eureka station

1,80 to 4,20 m3/h

Stérilisateur UV Modul'Eau 3 filtres


1,80 to 3,70 m3/h

Sterilizers alone:

Stérilisateur UV New Uveko

New Uveko

2,50 to 4,10 m3/h

Consult the product sheet

Greywater treatment and reuse

In a context of sustainable development, the reuse of gray water saves the water resources of our territories.

UVRER offers solutions for the treatment of low-polluted domestic wastewater (showers, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers), to be positioned in final treatment, for multiple reuses:

  • Toilet flush supply
  • Watering of green spaces (excluding vegetable gardens)
  • Washing of exterior surfaces
Réutilisation des eaux grises

What regulations?

There are currently no specific regulations for the treatment of water used for domestic activities (laundry, dishes, shower).

Their use is authorized for:

  • Toilet flush supply
  • Watering green spaces (excluding vegetable gardens and agricultural uses)
  • Washing exterior surfaces without generating aerosols

Reduction of discharge to aqueous media


Conservation of drinking water resources


Daily water savings

Our adapted sterilizers

Stérilisateur UV New Uveko

New Uveko

2,50 to 4,10 m3/h

Stérilisateur UV Eureka 95 Industriel

Eureka Industrial

1 to 5 m3/h

Stérilisateur UV FZI 100

FZI range

Up to 20 m3/h and more

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