According to application, the company UV RER ANEMO answers all your demands from standard water disinfection unit to complete tailor made water disinfection solution.

Application examples:

  • Industry : For the industrial applications it provides tailor made turnkey water treatment solutions in order to value the industrial production. Each project for industrial disinfection and sanitation is analyzed, studied and calculated in our engineer department separately. Our UVc treatment solutions are based on triple disinfection action which gives a higher performances in terms of UVc doses. Our UVc water disinfection solutions require very low maintenance and provides an easy to use operation. UVRER systems deactivate bacterial proliferation in water and lower chemical concentrations. Not only the water for various industry processes needs a disinfection but also the waste water must be disinfected before it is discharge into the environment. Our UVc purification units minimize the risks to local population and help to protect our eco systems.

Water treatment and water disinfection in food industry, water disinfection in dairy production industry (cheese production industry), water disinfection for cooling towers, water disinfection in production process etc.

  • Chimistry and medical : UVRER develops and successfully market water purification systems adapted to the production process for the sterilization treatments im pharmacy, chemistry and medical area.

 Closed- loop water sterilization, process water sterilisation and disinfection, raw water/demineralized water/soften water disinfection, water disinfection before filtration for higher protection etc.

  • Municipalities : Our bactericidal and germicidal UVC water disinfection systems guarantee to municipalities the use of quality water.
  • Aquaculture : water disinfection for seaweed farming, water disinfection for fish farming, water disinfection for shellfish aquaculture, water disinfection for fish and shrimp cultures etc.
  • Agriculture : UV RER/ANEMO water disinfection systems bring you a treatment solution by UVc at all stages of agriculture processes to ensure the health protection of your production that will allow it to express all its qualities.

Water disinfection for farming, breeding, water disinfection for dairy production, water disinfection for growers, water disinfection for soiless production, water disinfection for hydroponic/aeroponic, drain return disinfection and nutritive solution recycle, water disinfection for irrigation etc.


  • Water disinfection process, effective for all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Environmently respectful process (UVc water treatment reduces the use of chemicals, dangerous for the humain health)
  • Waste reduction thanks to long lifetime of UVc lamps
  • The UVC radiation acts instantly in one passage, without risk of overdose
  • Optimisation of the installation dimentions/treated flow rate.
  • The UV RER water disinfection systems can be easily adapted to specific customer needs
  • Easy installation thanks to the compact and modular concepts for water disinfection
  • Ecological and natural water disinfection process, respectful of people and environment
  • Low operating costs
  • Conserves the minerals in treated water
  • Easy maintenance of water disinfection system
  • No modofication of water physico-chemical characteristics

UVc sterilizers range without filtration

Eureka industriel


1m3/h to 5m3/h

Sampling valves, industrial electrical box, MCR M12 lampe, electronical ballast…



15m3/h to 130m3/h

 Sampling valves, inspection door and drain valve, CFD software…



1m3/h to 16m3/h

Sampling valves, inspection door and drain valve, IP55 waterproof electrical enclosure…



9m3/h to 1500m3/h

Slamping valves, inspection door and drain valve, electronic ballast, lamp visual witness…



2,80m3/h to 700m3/h

 Drain valve, air drain, IP55 electrical box, electronic ballast, lamp witness, electromechanical hour counter…

Produit eau HM


1m3/h to 3,60m3/h

Drain valve, M12 extension in 2M, standard or industrial electrical box, protection fuse, switch On/Off…

UVc sterilizers range with filtration

Station FZI


1m3/h to 24m3/h

Fitting 1/4 turn valve, filter holder integrated, stainless steel chassis, electrovalve or cell plug…

Station de fromagerie


3m3/h to 4m3/h

 Clamped body (easier maintenance), slamping valve, flow rate limiter, filter holder integrated, nanometers In/Out…

Certified ACS UV

Produits eau FZI ACS UV



Sampling valve, inspection door and drain valve…

Options and filtration

produits eau filtration


Filters, sensors…

Tailor-made installations

nos produits eau sur mesure


What do you need?