Our Ultraviolet and Photocatalytic systems come from French industrial and academic research. We take charge of your project from design to Realization. – Research & Development and Engineering: development of innovative and efficient solutions, technological development monitoring…   UV


Know-how Since 1982, UV RER has been designing and manufacturing UVc treatment devices for fluid disinfection (water, air) and surface. Harmless to people and environment, the ultraviolet technology treats fluids and surfaces in a complete ecological way without adding chemicals and depending on your needs, reduces their use. 

Technologies The filtration : after passing through the pre-filter, the air then passes through a filtration system with activated carbon. Activated carbon is known for its ability to absorb volatile organic compounds or VOCs.The volatile organic compounds or VOCs are molecules dissolved in the air and are very harmful pollutants in indoor environment.

Our Quality process

Since its beginning, UV RER has undertaken a quality approach and continuous improvement. This brings total security to the user, with equipment that meets the most stringent standards in terms of:

  • Electrical and electromagnetic safety: materials conforming to CE standards
  • Food safety / ACS standards: materials compatible with the legislation in force concerning the food sector (stainless steel, quartz, gasket,etc.) and “suitability for drinking water”
  • Germicide safety*: materials developed in accordance with the legislation of the French Ministry of Health, applicable to international standards (DVGW standard), relating to the disinfection of water intended for human consumption by ultraviolet rays
  • Hydraulic safety: realization of all our equipment on our production site in Saint-Genis-Laval, France: assembly, quartz (domed bottoms, etc.) tanks (stainless steel, PVC, etc.) All materials are systematically tested in our factory on hydraulic and electrical test benches

* In accordance with the decree of October 18, 2012 of the Ministry of Health, our devices guarantee the delivery of a minimum dose of 40mJ / cm2 for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.