For 40 years, our policy and our corporate culture have been based on values ​​that form the foundations of our growth and development.

From the study to the design of our devices, from the order to the delivery… We rely on 5 founding pillars which orient and guide us towards a constant search for quality, efficiency and respect for the environment.

These values ​​which are dear to us have remained unchanged since our creation in 1982. We do everything to make them visible in our daily work.

Démarche RSE


UVRER is a human-sized company, our engineers design tailor-made products. Our flexibility and our ability to personalize our offerings make work a reliable, efficient company with unique and high-quality products.



Not generating by-products harmful to human, animal or environmental health, UVc technology allows fluids (water and air) and surfaces to be treated in an ecological way that respects its users.



Founded in 1982, RER is the first company in its market to use ultraviolet to treat water. Then we diversified into air treatment and surface treatment: three complementary activities.



Our desire: to be constantly at the forefront of innovation to guarantee you perfect air, water and surface quality in order to work and live in a healthier world. Our research and development team is attentive to changes in the market and designs products adapted to new demands.



Our sales team is in direct contact with you to ensure the smooth running of projects and provide relevant advice. Whether it is a simple technical information, order taking or after-sales service, you will always be quickly put in touch with the right person.


The way we integrate into our environment reflects our desire to be part of a strong sustainable development approach. Here are our priority commitments to contribute to a healthier world:


  • Preserve the environment from chemicals


The use of UVc technology in the treatment of fluids and surfaces significantly reduces the use of chemicals and does not generate harmful by-products. We are committed to providing our customers with clean and reliable treatment solutions.


  • Ensuring the safety of users of our devices


Our quality approach ensures total safety in the use of our devices. The design of all our devices as well as our many safety procedures prevent all risks relating to UV radiation.


  • Promote local expertise


We attach great importance to the local dimension of our work. From the design to the manufacture of our devices, everything is done in the heart of our workshop and the vast majority of our suppliers are local.

Démarche RSE

Protecting our planet at the heart

of the UVRER commitment

Recyclage eau

Controlling the water resources of our territories is a major challenge of our century.

For this, we offer technologies that preserve this increasingly coveted resource.

Réutilisation des eaux traitées

The REUSE (for wastewater) is a real solution for the future to secure access to water.

In a context of global warming where periods of droughts are more and more numerous,

UVRER works for further development of these reuse solutions.

Faible consommation énergétique

All of our devices ensure controlled energy consumption.


We ensure that all our equipment meets the strictest standards in terms of:

  • Electrical and electromagnetic safety:
    Equipment compliant with CE standards
  • Food safety / ACS standard:
    Materials compatible with the legislation in force concerning the food sector (stainless steel, quartz, gasket)
  • Germicidal safety* :
    Materials developed in accordance with the legislation of the French Ministry of Health, applicable to international standards, relating to the disinfection of water by UV rays intended for human consumption
  • Hydraulic safety :
    All our equipment is manufactured on our production site: assembly, quartz (dished bottoms, etc.), tanks (stainless steel, PVC, etc.) All materials are systematically tested in our workshop on our hydraulic and electrical test benches

*In accordance with the decree of October 18, 2012 of the Ministry of Health, our devices guarantee the delivery of a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2 for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.