protect fruits with UV RER

Improved farming practices and better fruits and vegetables post-harvest processing

The air disinfection systems UV RER-ANEMO are designed to address the post-harvest storage challenges and to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables. The use of air purification solution UV RER – ANEMO enhance income of producers rather than change farming system practices by limiting the product losses linked to airborne bacteria, virus or molds contamination, by increasing the product shelf life and by restricting the use of polluting chemicals.

The Air Purification System UV RER-ANEMO aims to tackle two types of air pollution:

- Micro – organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores: easily diffused via ventilation or via air movements causing the volatile fractions to rise and to generate airborne contamination by germs from rotten fruits and vegetables to the healthy ones.

- Presence of ethylene: This gas naturally emitted by the fruits speeds up their ripening. The increase in ethylene concentration leads to an increase in the fruit’s respiration (causing a “respiratory crisis” that stimulates its own formation resulting in a loss of fruit water).

climateric fruits protect with air treatment UV

When a fruit is matured depending on the ethylene it is said to be Climacteric

These two types of air pollution (micro-organisms and ethylene), whose development is closely linked, degrade the quality of the fruits and vegetables, restrict their placing on the market and therefore reduce the consumption and production income.

In both cases and aiming to successfully address the air pollution, UV RER – ANEMO to develop an advanced Tri-Active technology: Filtration + Photocatalysis + UVC.  Their standalone air purification systems are the result of extensive research and development initiatives and backed by more than 30 years of experience in UVC technology.

air treatment

Benefits of UV RER-ANEMO advanced disinfection technology:

·       Effective and lasting solutions, fast running installation, user friendly

·       Disinfect and remove micro-organisms ((Monilia, Botrytis, Penicillium …)and ethylene

·       No additional training for the staff, no risk for the staff health

·       Low maintenance cost

·       Air disinfection nomad system:  easily movable from one cold room to another

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