For the pool season discover SUNEO : water treatment with UVc for bathing water up to 50m3/H. It is a preventive and curative solution efficient for pools and ponds. The electrical box has an hour counter, which facilitates the UV lamp maintenance.

Our ecological equipment Made in France allows an optimal water treatment. Users are guaranteed with optimal hygiene and bathing comfort. Our devices are combining 2 complementary solutions :

  • Curative solution: When water is passing through the UVc device, the lamps generate UVc rays that destroys living cells (bacteria, virus, algae…) without modifying water physico chemical criteria and without generating any harmful by products for health or environment.
  • Preventive solution: For a total efficiency of UV treatment, a daily injection with active oxygen (or liquid chlorine) is necessary , allowing continuous disinfection between filtration cycles.


  • Capacity from 5m3 to 50m3 per hour
  • Stainless steel treatment chamber
  • Hour counter allowing instant lamp control
  • Lamp autonomy : 9000 hours
  • Reduce waste thanks to lamps long lifetime
  • Low operating cost
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Compatible with all types of ponds/ pools
  • Efficient against all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, virus, algae…
  • No overdosing risk with UV and instantaneous effect.
  • Ecological and natural process respectful of mankind and environment : reduce use of potentially dangerous chemical products
  • No harmful by products generated
  • Strengthen equipment and coating lifetime
  • No side effect and great bathing confort : no smell or allergies…
  • No modification of pH or of fluids physico chemical criteria
  • Flexible and adaptable thanks to its compact size
  • Adaptable to all clients needs
  • Procédé écologique et naturel, respectueux de l’homme et de l’environnement : diminution de consommation de produits chimiques potentiellement dangereux
  • Pas de formation de sous-produits nocifs.
  • Augmente la durée de vie des équipements et revêtements.
  • Sans effets secondaires : grand confort de baignade (pas d’odeurs, pas d’allergies…).
  • Pas de modification des critères physico-chimiques des fluides et du pH.
  • Flexibilité d’adaptation grâce aux concepts modulaires et compacts.
  • Les systèmes UVRER peuvent être facilement adaptés aux besoins spécifiques des clients.