Good water quality is essential for the health of users and provides pleasure of swimming. In contact with the skin, chlorine can cause many irritations and allergies. Ultraviolet treatment is an ecological technology: no pathogenic agent threatens the health of bathers. UV rays also eliminate chlorine resistant elements, odors as well as chloramine itself. Natural pools should be also treated without chemicals to ensure a healthy environment for the ecosystems inside it. Ultraviolet eliminates algae and microbiological contamination without using chemicals. Our UVc germicidal and bactericidal disinfection systems guarantee a perfect water quality.


  • Water disinfection process, effective for all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Environmently respectful process (UVc water treatment reduces the use of chemicals, dangerous for the humain health)
  • Waste redusction tanks to long lifitime of UVc lamps
  • The UVC radiation acts instantly in one passage, without risk of overdose
  • Tailor-made water disinfection solution following the customer specifications.
  • Easy installation thanks to the compact and modular concepts for water disinfection
  • Ecological and natural processof water treatment, respectful of people and the environment
  • Low operational costs
  • Easy maintenance of water disinfection system
  • No modofication of water physico-chemical characteristics
  • Swimming comfort and healthy environment (No more forming of smells, no more allergies of the skin, no more itches of eyes in the water
  • Reduced consumption of Chemical Products
  • Compatible with all types of swimming pools
  • Increases the lifetime of the swimming pool equipment and coatings
  • No modification of the pH of the water
  • Without side effects
  • No residual chemical product generated

Disinfection of bathing water

Produits eau SUNEO


10m3/h to 50m3/h

Curative and preventive solution, electric box, air bleed, electromecanical hour counter…

Produits eau SPA


1,40m3/h to 3m3/h

Curative and preventive solution, electric box, air bleed, electromecanical hour counter…

Tailor-made installations

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