Testimony of David Barbet, director of Renault Lyon Ouest automobile dealerships in the Thivolle group.

The health crisis has increased the needs related to hygiene, employees and customers are now reluctant to return in working spaces or shops. In this testimony from David Barbet, director of Renault Lyon Ouest automobile dealerships (Thivolle group), he explains to us how UVRER allows to disinfect surfaces and purify air using ultraviolet and photo- catalysis. Since the challenge is to bring customers back to car dealerships and to guarantee the health of employees: the  first thing to do is to secure the place to reassure them.

“We have thought about a substainable and easy way on a daily basis to protect our employees and clients”

The challenge is to provide security before, during and after a customer’s passage through the dealership. UVPUR 95 is used to sterilize vehicles entering and exiting the mechanical and body shop. Exhibition vehicles can also be disinfected daily to ensure optimal hygiene during visits. As for BORA VICHY, it continuously purifies the air present in the passenger compartment of test vehicles and therefore reduces the risk of contamination.

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“Thanks to UVRER products, we can welcome our customers and our employees in complete safety.”

These are two complementary devices that can address hygiene issues specific to car dealerships. The additional security offered by our solutions does not exclude the implementation of barrier gestures.

UVPUR 95 is the everyday tool for professionals. Certified virucidal and sporicidal by an independent laboratory, it can disinfect up to 99.999% of all small and medium surfaces. Discover.

BORA VICHY can purify the air in small spaces and thus significantly reduce the risk of contamination between individuals. Particularly when testing new and used vehicles where the customer and the advisor are relatively close. Discover.

Ultraviolet (UVc) is a technology that has been used for several years for its ability to disinfect fluids and surfaces. UVc rays inactivate viruses and microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, spores, fungi and yeasts by destroying their DNA or RNA. UVRER solutions are durable and their use reduces the use of chemicals and plastic packaging. Learn more about UVc technology.