Disinfection of spaces, it will do it for you.


Plug in, disinfect! UVPUR 360° will save you precious time on the daily disinfection of your premises and will preserve your health and that of others.

Guaranteeing optimal collective hygiene is a major challenge which sometimes requires a reorganization of processes in places welcoming the public / staff (at work, in stores, schools or even in transport, for example). In order to respond to many current health issues, we have developed UVPUR 360° which facilitates the disinfection of spaces. Until now, the use of chemical detergents was not debated, but the progressive understanding of their harmful effects on health raises many questions about their use. Made up of very aggressive toxic substances, they can indeed cause poisoning by inhalation, skin burns, eye burns or even allergic sensitization (eczema, asthma).

The UVc technology, which we have specialized in since 1982, is an effective natural physical process without chemicals. This makes it possible, on the one hand, not to degrade the sterilized equipment and, secondly, not to generate harmful by-products (such as airborne particles). UVPUR 360° is a surface disinfection solution that respects the health of its users.

Optimal ultraviolet disinfection requires compliance with certain conditions:

  • The power of the UVc lamp,
  • The exposure time with the element to be treated,
  • The total surface to be disinfected.
  • For this, we have designed a 360° radiating multi-lamp device capable of killing any type of microorganism / virus in a very short time. Opposite is a diagram specifying the exposure time required depending on the distance between UVPUR 360° and the surface to be disinfected.

UVPUR 360° is a functional disinfection solution for many applications:

  • Medical: waiting room, consultation room, corridor, hospital room …
  • Shops and public places: hall, classroom, canteen, store, bar …
  • Business premises and equipment: offices, meeting room, self-service …
  • Transport: semi-trailer, train, bus …
  • And many other applications.
Rayon UVDM

UVPUR 360° : a French design and manufacturing solution.

We design and manufacture our products in our production workshop in Lyon, at the UVRER headquarters. To ensure safe disinfection, we provide equipment to protect the skin and eyes from ultraviolet rays as exposure can cause skin / eye burns.

Since 1982, we have been specialists in Ultraviolet for the disinfection of fluids and surfaces. From their conception to their realization, we develop quality, innovative products, resulting from French industrial and university research, perfectly adaptable to your specific needs.


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