Drinking water is vital: our UV products guarantee an optimal level of disinfection. Spring water, surface water, borehole, well, rainwater or securing network water … Turn raw water into drinking water without using chemicals and drink with peace of mind. In addition, ultraviolet technology has the characteristic of retaining the beneficial properties of water.

Examples : Disinfection of spring water, of surface water, of borehole water, of well water, rainwater disinfection, purified water disinfection, disinfection of misting system water, disinfection of spray irrigation, tap water disinfection security etc.


  • Water disinfection process, effective for all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Environmently respectful process (UVc water treatment reduces the use of chemicals, dangerous for the humain health)
  • Waste reduction thanks to long lifetime of UVc lamps
  • The UVC radiation acts instantly in one passage, without risk of overdose
  • Optimisation of the installation dimentions/treated flow rate.
  • The UV RER water disinfection systems can be easily adapted to specific customer needs
  • Easy installation thanks to the compact and modular concepts for water disinfection
  • Ecological and natural water disinfection process, respectful of people and environment
  • Low operating costs
  • Conserves the minerals in treated water
  • Easy maintenance of water disinfection system
  • No modofication of water physico-chemical characteristics

UVc sterilizers range without filtration

Eureka Mob


1,80m3/h to 4,20m3/h

Daily counter with reset button, fixation plate with integrated electrical box, stainless steel mounting base…

Platine Eureka


1,80m3/h à 4,20m3/h

Electronic ballast, electric box on chamber, installation : horizontal or vertical…

UVc sterilizers range with filtration



1,80m3/h to 3,70m3/h

Electromechanical hour counter, electronic ballast, fixation plate with integrated electrical box…

Station eureka


1,80m3/h à 4,20m3/h

Electromechanical hour counter, electronic ballast, fixation plate with integrated electrical box…

Options and filtration

produit eau option filtration


Filters, flow rate restrictor…

Tailor-made information

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