The spectrum of ultra-violet radiation is divided in 3 categories :

  • UVA Wavelenght of 315 to 400 nm – operates on sun tanning or bronzing
  • UVB Wavelenght of 280 to 315 nm – Used as a remedy for skin diseases
  • UVC Wavelenght of 200 to 280 nm – Inactivate bacteria, viruses and mould spores



The principle of UVc technology is to generate ultraviolet rays in a treatment chamber. These UVc rays irradiate living cells contained in the fluid flowing through UV RER/ANEMO system, without changing the physical and chemical criteria and without generating residual pollutants.

Traitement par Ultra-Violet

UV RER/ANEMO uses this basic UVc technology principle as a base and completes it by new materials: Latest generation UVc lamps with high germicidal power and irradiation chamber with high reflection coefficient.

Germs, viruses, bacteria are particularly sensitive to UV radiation, as well as lower plants such as algae, fungi and spores. UVC radiation passes through the cytoplasmic membrane of the cell and penetrates into the nucleus core.

The DNA is unable to replicate or reproduce. The molecular structure of DNA is broken and thus renders harmless the microbe. Depending on the amount of UVC energy received, the living cell will be sterilized (bacteriostatic action) or destroyed (bactericidal action)

  • Bacteriostatic action: in the case of a moderate absorption of UVC energy, this allows the cell to continue living, unable to reproduce. This cell is doomed to disappear
  • Bactericidal action: in the case of a higher energy absorption to a degree, this one allows the destruction of the cell. Disruption of the cell by bursting nuclear membranes
Traitement par Ultra-Violet

Water we are using in our day to day activities and the air we are breathing are more and more polluted. The UV RER/ANEMO Purification Systems are designed to destroy genetic structure of microorganisms, inhibits their ability to multiply and consequently causes their destruction. UVC can be used for multiple purposes in water and in air purification, but is primarily employed as a disinfection process that inactivates micro-organisms without chemicals. For other applications, UVC is used for the removal of organic and inorganic chemicals, including chlorine, chloramines, ozone and Total Organic Carbon emerging contaminants.

UV RER/ANEMO water and air disinfection systems are efficient and the technical solution of choice in various areas such as: water treatment complementary in a treatment line (for example: treatment and disinfection of municipality water, treatment and disinfection of swimming pool water, disinfection and germs removal of industrial water (for example: food industry process, pharmacy water sterilization, chemistry water sterilization, irrigation water disinfection, horticulture nutritive solution recycling and disinfection, water disinfection and sterilization in healthcare, drinking water disinfection in areas of limited water access, residential water disinfection, water recycling ,re-use and disinfection…air disinfection and bacteria, viruses and spores destruction in healthcare, air disinfection and bacteria removal in cold rooms and storage area in agriculture and transport, indoor air purification in domestic area, houses, offices…air purification in public area and applications, air purification and disinfection for industrial use…