• Greentech air treatment and deodorization technology
  • Effectively removes micro-organisms as well as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as ethylene.
  • No secondary pollution by ozone rejection. In the contrary the UV-C radiation degrade ozone
  • Air treatment in all areas, extensive product range which makes the air treatment system adaptable in all types of structures.
  • Significant reduction of risk of diseases, related to the airborne bacteria and viruses (respiratory diseases, SARS, cancers).
  • Cost reduction: Using UVRER ANEMO air treatment system prevents clogging of air conditioners or heating devices, thus reducing the energy consumption.
  • Efficiency: The annular reactor / tangential flow increases the time of germs passage and provides optimum exposure for the inactivation of micro-organisms and mineralization of VOCs by photocatalysis / UVC
  • Improves the comfort in the treated areas and reduces the risk of airborne contamination.
  • Our air purification system do not load the air into free radicals: The radicals are generated in the TiO2 surface and are quickly consumed by degradation reactions.
  • No need of additional safety equipment when using UVRER ANEMO air treatment system, no risk for the staff.
  • User safety: UVc rays are confined and the operating staff are not subject to their effect
  • Return on investment: 1 month out of 5 gain of storage, limit production losses of 15% to 40% and also limit the loss of weight of products during storage.
  • Photocatalysis (PCO) generates hydroxyl radicals, which have a greater oxidation potential than ozone (2.8 V against 2,07V) which allows a better degradation of pollutants.

Application examples


The greentech solutions developed by UVRER ANEMO for air disinfection have an important role and contribution in improving the indoor and outdoor environment. With ANEMO air disinfection reactors, it is now possible to treat industrial waste gases before release into the atmosphere. Our technology can reduce or eliminate the emission of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere like Benzene, Heptanal, Hexane…. The requirements for industrial activities are a very low level of release threshold of VOCs in the atmosphere and therefore the Photocatalysis is an innovative and efficient solution to face the problems linked to air pollution.


ANEMO air purification systems are designed to ensure the quality of the production post-harvest, during the storage. The disinfection enables :

  • to limit the degradation of the product
  • to limit the production loses, linked to airborne contamination
  • to limit the use of chemical disinfection during the storage
  • to increase the shelf life of the production

The main issue during post-harvest storage of fruits and vegetables is the presence of harmful elements in cold rooms and packing areas. Besides the development of microorganisms, ethylene emission also accelerates the degradation of products (especially for climacteric fruits such as plums, apples, peaches …). Our treatment solutions can address these two problems with a single air disinfection device.


One of the main concerns in the wine sector is the appearance of cork taint or musty earth. The consequences are significant economic losses due to lower volumes but also a customer dissatisfaction related to product quality. ANEMO is developing for more than 10 years, air treatment systems that perfectly meet the above described challenges found in the wine sector. Indeed, the combination of activated carbon adsorption and degradation by photocatalysis can effectively treat many chemical compounds and particularly TCA TeCA, TBA and geosmine responsible for cork taste and musty earth.

  • Air disinfection in cold rooms
  • Disinfection of industrial emissions
  • Disinfection in Winery, viticultural cellar


The ANEMO air disinfection systems reduce the airborne nosocomial infections in zones a high risk, limit the health impact of chemical and microbial contaminants environments and ensure the well-being and health of patients and medical staff.

  • Medical care consultation room
  • Medical care waiting room
  • Hospital room


Construction materials, insulation, disinfection home products and coating, heating, air conditioning and furniture are strong sources of emissions of carcinogenic and mutagenic pollutants. ANEMO has developed a specific disinfection and deodorization system, which combines a tri-active advanced technology of air purification. The use of our solutions is the guarantee of a healthy environment and high energy performance.

  • Residential house, appartement
  • Workshop
  • Garage


Tri-active advanced technological solutions of UVRER ANEMO for disinfection ensure high air quality for:

  • the transportation of food and plants
    • Reduce airborne contamination between products
    • Stop the contamination / secondary pollutions related to the internal air conditioning systems
  • the passangers
    • Limit the impact of chemical pollutants existing in the construction materials
    • Reduce viral and bacterial contamination between passengers

Area of applications :

  • Ambulance
  • Standard truck
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Refrigerated truck

Public areas

The ANEMO air purifiers can treat and disinfect indoor air against bacteria, mold and other disturbing particles in all types of structure (public place, nursery, school, private house, pet shop…). Our disinfection systems also protect you against the risks associated with volatile pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, which can cause diseases such as asthma, allergies and other. Indeed, it was shown that contrary to popular belief, the indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air because it is confined, leading to increased concentration of pollutants. We offer disinfecting and deodorizing air systems for living spaces that meet the requirements, stipulated in the Decree of 21 December 2011 of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

  • Nurseries, schools
  • Public places
  • Public toilets

In addition to standard product range, UVRER ANEMO offers a tailor made solutions for indoor air disinfection and deodorization. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our Research and Development team will determine the most appropriate disinfection solution for you.

Traitement de l'air

HEGOA 50 & 100

50m3/h to 100m3/h

Household, public areas, healthcare, industries

One speed, nomad system…

Traitement de l'air

SILUXE 50 & 100

30m3/h to 100m3/h

Household, public areas, healthcare, industries

Two speeds, time meter, LED customization, nomad System (wheel)…

Produits air bora vichy


7m3/h to 14m3/h

Household, public areas, healthcare, industries

Two speed, white color in standard version…

Hegoa500 800



Public areas, healthcare, industries

One speed, time meter, treatment optimized thanks to a double reactor…

Hegoa500 800



Public areas, healthcare, industries

One speed, time meter, treatment optimized thanks to a double reactor…



  • Minimum handling : the UVc Disinfection Tunnel is a compact and easy to move, so it can be easily integrated into an existing packaging line or process
  • Short disinfection time : high efficiency in minimum time.
  • Respectful and effective disinfection of flowers, but also healthier environment for the staff, the consumer by reducing the use and handling of disinfectants.
  • UVc Surface Disinfection system perfectly adaptable on an existing conveyor belt
  • Option to design a customized UVc disinfection system that can fit to different sized production processes.
  • Superficial sterilization of surfaces
  • The combined treatment of cultures and its packaging can significantly reduce contamination by microorganisms resulting in a greater shelf life.
  • All UV RER/ANEMO surface disinfection systems are equipped with a lamp protection to ensure no broken glass is in contact with food in case of lamp breakage.
  • Significant reduction of use of chemicals for disinfection.
  • Significant reduction of use of water.
  • Automatic stop system included: this prevents overexposure when stopping the conveyor.

Exemples d'applications

Food industry

In food processing industries the presence of biological contaminants causes a number of problems and amongst other things potentially increases the consumer health  risk

  • Degradation of product quality
  • Reduction of product shelf life
  • Requirement to stop the production line to conduct a cleaning
  • Use of chemical product for disinfection

To overcome the various outlined problems linked to contamination, UV RER/ANEMO designs and manufactures equipment, dedicated to surface treatment and disinfection for food industry. These UVc disinfection systems are especially suitable for sterilization of food products and their packaging as well as for conveyor belt. The disinfection technology of UV RER/ANEMO is safe and multifunction, and assures high destruction of biological contaminants that are typically found in the food industry processing.

  • Surface Disinfection of conveyor belts of food chain process.
  • Surface Disinfection of packaging (food wrapping, boxes, cartons, wrapping films…)
  • Surface Disinfection of food products (meat, fruits and vegetables, bakery…)


The challenge

Like any fresh produce, cut flowers are very fragile and perishable. They therefore require manipulation and specific treatments to ensure optimal presentation and preservation before and during the marketing. In general, the harvested flowers are stored in water buckets and conserved in cold rooms before order preparation for shipment in carton boxes. In such a confined and humid atmosphere, the flowers may develop mold on the petal (Botrytis cinerea) that make them unsuitable for sale. The flowers may be contaminated with the fungus by air, water or through direct contact with other already contaminated flowers. The petal mold, which grows even in refrigerated premises (positive cold), is responsible for significant losses in flowers, due to poor presentation but also of poor preservation. These airborne spores can easily, by cross-contamination, tackling all the flowers in storage areas and cause significant financial losses.

UV RER/ANEMO Surface Disinfection system as alternative solution

In addition to the necessary treatments of flowers by chemical products spraying or dipping at harvest, a common solution is to treat the air in warehouses using fungicide smokescreen. This way of disinfection is expensive, dangerous for the staff and leaves deposits on all surfaces, including the flowers.

UV RER/ANEMO Disinfection solution

UV RER/ANEMO proposes a new concept of order preparation and treatment before packaging, enabling drying and disinfection of flowers before shipment. The UV RER/ANEMO Disinfection Tunnel removes problematic micro-organisms at source, namely at the surface of flowers.


In pharmacy, medical and chemistry area, the UV RER/ANEMO surface disinfection systems are used to eradicate the sources of contamination and help meet the hygiene standards. Some of the challenges these industries are facing:

  • Contamination of containers leading to a deterioration in the quality of the finished product during transport or storage
  • Contamination of packaging in the pharmaceutical area preventing possible reuse of the packaging for less waste.
  • Contamination of surfaces in care rooms
  • The use of chemical disinfection is often unhealthy for humain

UV RER/ANEMO designs and manufactures disinfection equipment dedicated to surface treatment which enable industrial of pharmacy, chemistry and medical area to face the stated contamination challenges. The disinfection technology of UV RER/ANEMO is safe and multifunction, and assures high destruction of biological contaminants.

  • Surface Disinfection of conveyor for pharmacy and chemistry production
  • Surface Disinfection of packaging (boxes, cartons, wrapping films…)
  • Surface disinfection in care rooms

The design and construction of UVc disinfection system is tailored in accordance with the specifications of the customers’ projects and existing equipment. The configuration of the disinfection system will be different depending on the type of problems the customer is facing. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our Research and Development team will determine the most appropriate disinfection solution for you.

Produits surface convoyeur


Disinfection of conveyors and packaging, surface disinfection of treatment rooms…