Materials, insulation, treatment and coating products, heating, air conditioning and furnishings that are part of an HQE approach are major sources of emissions of carcinogenic and mutagenic pollutants. UVRER has developed a specific system for the development of its ANEMO range, which combines the most efficient air purification solutions. The integration of ANEMO solutions is the assurance of a healthy environment and high energy performance.

Photo-catalysis is an air treatment process that does not require chemicals or gases to be effective. The rooms affected by the presence of one of our ANEMO devices do not have to be quarantined and can be visited throughout the day. Learn more about the ANEMO process.

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In addition to a standard range, ANEMO responds to specific requests with designs specific to your specifications. Do not hesitate to consult us, our design office will take care of building a suitable device.


  • House, private habitat
  • DIY workshop
  • Private garage…


  • Ecological process respectful of the environment.
  • Effective for microorganisms as well as for VOCs such as formaldehyde
  • No secondary pollution by ozone discharge. On the contrary, UV-C radiation degrades ozone
  • Air purification in all spaces, wide range of products allowing the adaptation of equipment in all types of structure.
  • Significant reduction in the risk of diseases (respiratory diseases, SARS, cancers) linked to bacteria present in the air. Participates in the fight against nosocomial infections.
  • Cost reduction: Energy expenditure for heaters and air conditioners reduced because photocatalysis prevents them from clogging.
  • Safety of use: UVc are confined and occupants of the home are not subject to their effect
  • Improved comfort for occupants of treated spaces and reduced risk of contamination
  • Does not charge the air with free radicals: Radicals are generated on the surface of TiO2 and are quickly consumed by degradation reactions
  • Does not require any additional safety device and can be used without risk in the presence of personnel
  • Photocatalysis generates hydroxyl radicals which have a greater oxidation potential than ozone (2.8V against 2.07V) which allows better degradation of pollutants.
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