Our anti-scale magnetic conditioners act either as:

  • PREVENTIVE SOLUTION : The anti-scale magnetic conditioner enables a newinstallation to remain free of deposits of limestone.
  • CURATIVE SOLUTION : On an existing calcified installation, anti-scale magnetic conditioner gradually destabilize the limestone inlaid even for many years.

Technological principle of MHD effect (magnetohydrodynamic)

Naturally suspended in water, the molecules (calcium carbonate, potassium, manganese …) tend to assemble into macromolecules (or conglomerate of molecules) that if we do nothing, continue to stick together, and cause pipes scaling, reduced flow and additional water consumption.

conditionneurs magnétiques anti-tartre par effet MHD

UV RER anti-scale conditioner

Throughout the length of each device are arranged permanent magnets, the magnetic field lines are trapped by a cylinder of soft iron (in accordance with the flow rates).

How we translate the anti-scale conditioner efficiency:

Macromolecules, crossing this magnetic field, undergo a polarization which aims to disrupt the structures of the conglomerate, and so bring them to their original state of molecules naturally suspended in the water.

Once they have left this induction field, they retain a magnetic remanence of several hours (much longer period of time of water flow in the pipes).

In the case of water containing iron, of oxidation pipe, of welding residue, an anti-corrosion process activates (plus phenomenon of electrolysis).

Our referencies

Many hotels, hostels, many EDF sites, factories Rhone-Poulenc, Lyon RVI Renault Cleon schools, municipalities, sports centers, hospitals Edouard Herriot, The Vinatier, Léon Bérard, Lyon Neuro-Cardio; famous fountains such as Rond Point des Champs-Elysées in Paris, the Boulingrins Monaco, Lyon: Place de l’Europe, Jacobins, Meissonier, Saint Jean ,Round Place etc..

Benefits of UV RER anti-scale conditioner

  • Gently transform hard water
  • Conserve natural water quality (no removal of minerals in the water, no chemical addition)
  • Equipment tested by the Institut Pasteur
  • Equipment that is installed without electricity, just at the entrance of the supply circuit of the water system to protect
  • Equipment without maintenance (not parts subject to usage because only composed of static elements)