Enjoy the most effective way to prevent the growth of algae in your pool, in your lake or pond without the risk of destroy other life forms.

Algua US disinfection system offers a safe and environmentally friendly solution to prevent algae growth. Moreover, it requires very little maintenance and needs a very low power consumption.

Algua US has been tested by many universities for its effects on fish, aquatic plants and insects and no adverse effects were found. In addition, it seems to have a beneficial effect on the water quality and therefore on the fish in the pond.

ALGUA US technologie par ultrason

Applications :

  • Swimming pools with black algae
  • Algae control in lakes
  • Algae control in ponds

Features :

  • Electrical power : 20 to 45W
  • Position in the pool: submerged or floating

Benefits :

  • Reduces and controls the amount of algae
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Low maintenace
  • Low electrical consumotion
  • Safe for the environment and the ecosystem: Device harmless to fish, aquatic plants and insects
  • No need for chemicals
  • Electronic box design in aluminum IP67, option to leave them outside in dry or wet weather conditions