All air disinfection systems in the product range, designed and marketed by UV RER/ANEMO are based on a principle of advanced tri-active technology that combines :

  1. Filtration/Adsorption
  2. Ultra-violet disinfection
  3. Photocatalysis (PCO)


water treatment


photocatalysis treatment

The Filtration

UV RER/ANEMO disinfection systems are equipped with a pre-filter to retain dust and other particles in the air. After passing through the pre-filter, the air then passes through a filtration system with activated carbon. Activated carbon is known for its ability to absorb volatile organic compounds or VOCs.The volatile organic compounds or VOCs are molecules dissolved in the air and are very harmful pollutants in indoor environment. Such pollutants are odors, chemicals and all kinds of harmful gases. The activated carbon adsorbs up to 10% of its weight in pollutants: and in that way retains the peaks of pollution.

The Ultra-violet technology

The Ultra-violet radiation has the ability to destroy germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds…) contained in the air. The UVC radiation has passed through the cytoplasmic membrane of the cell and into the nucleus. When the cells are divided, the DNA is incapable of replicating or replicating. Thus the molecular structure of DNA is broken and thus renders harmless the microbe.

The Photocatalysis (PCO)

Photocatalysis destroys all polluting particles from the air. Through the generation of oxidizing radicals, this process causes the breakage of the chemical bonds of the contaminants (VOC). These are then degraded into harmless CO2 and H2O for humans.

Photocatalysis act also well on chemical molecules blocked by the activated carbon filter as on those passing through it.

Like ultraviolet technology, photocatalysis also has a germicidal effect. The combination of the two technologies ensures optimal decontamination and disinfection of micro-organisms.

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With UV RER/ANEMO air purification systems breathe air free from all pollutions

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