The UV RER/ANEMO air purifiers can treat and disinfect indoor air against bacteria, mold and other disturbing particles in all types of structure (public place, nursery, school, private house, pet shop…). Our disinfection systems also protect you against the risks associated with volatile pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, which can cause diseases such as asthma, allergies and other. Indeed, it was shown that contrary to popular belief, the indoor air is 10 times more polluted than outdoor air because it is confined, leading to increased concentration of pollutants.

UV RER/ANEMO offers disinfecting and deodorizing air systems for living spaces that meet the requirements, stipulated in the Decree of 21 December 2011 of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

In addition to standard product range, UV RER/ANEMO offers a tailor made solutions for indoor air disinfection and deodorization. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our Research and Development team will determine the most appropriate disinfection solution for you.

Area of applications

  • Nurseries, schools
  • Public places
  • Public toilets

Air Purification System Technical Features

  • Volume of treated air : from 25 to 100 m3/h per unit
  • Electrical power : from 36 to 95W
  • Option for customization of air purifier (colour, LED, logo integration)


traitement de l'air médical

HEGOA 50-100

traitement de l'air des crèches, écoles et collectivités

Benefits of UV RER/ANEMO air disinfection systems

  • Greentech air disinfection and deodorization technology
  • Effective for micro-organisms removal as well as for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) removal such as formaldehyde
  • No secondary pollution by ozone rejection. On the contrary the UV-C radiation degrade ozone
  • Air purification in all areas, extensive product range which makes the air treatment system adaptable in all types of structures.
  • Significant reduction of risk of diseases, related to the airborne bacteria and viruses (respiratory diseases, SARS, cancers). Air disinfection system helps in the fight against the nosocomial infections
  • Cost reduction: absence levels reduced, related to Sick Building Syndrome; using UV RER/ANEMO air purification system also prevents clogging of air conditioners or heating devices, thus reducing the energy consumption.
  • User safety: UVc rays are confined and the operating staff are not subject to their effect
  • Improves the comfort in the treated areas and reduces the risk of airborne contamination: dental cabinets, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, pet shops, confined spaces
  • The UV RER/ANEMO air purification system do not load the air into free radicals: The radicals are generated in the TiO2 surface and are quickly consumed by degradation reactions.
  • No need of additional safety equipment when using UV RER/ANEMO air purification system, no risk for the staff.
  • Photocatalysis (PCO) generates hydroxyl radicals, which have a greater oxidation potential than ozone (2.8 V against 2,07V) which allows a better degradation of pollutants.
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