The greentech solutions developed by UV RER/ANEMO for air disinfection have an important role and contribution in improving the indoor and outdoor environment.

With UV RER/ANEMO air disinfection reactors, it is now possible to treat industrial waste gases before release into the atmosphere. The technology of UV RER/ANEMO can reduce or eliminate the emission of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere like Benzene, Heptanal, Hexane….

The requirements for industrial activities are a very low level of release threshold of VOCs in the atmosphere and therefore the Photocatalysis is an innovative and efficient solution to face the problems linked to air pollution.


UV RER/ANEMO air purification systems are designed to ensure the quality of the production post-harvest, during the storage. The disinfection enables :

  • to limit the degradation of the product
  • to limit the production loses, linked to airborne contamination
  • to limit the use of chemical disinfection during the storage
  • to increase the shelf life of the production

The main issue during post-harvest storage of fruits and vegetables is the presence of harmful elements in cold rooms and packing areas. Besides the development of microorganisms, ethylene emission also accelerates the degradation of products (especially for climacteric fruits such as plums, apples, peaches …). The UV RER/ANEMO treatment solutions can address these two problems with a single air disinfection device.


One of the main concerns in the wine sector is the appearance of cork taint or musty earth. The consequences are significant economic losses due to lower volumes but also a customer dissatisfaction related to product quality.

UV RER/ANEMO is developing for more than 10 years, air treatment systems that perfectly meet the above described challenges found in the wine sector. Indeed, the combination of activated carbon adsorption and degradation by photocatalysis can effectively treat many chemical compounds and particularly TCA TeCA, TBA and geosmine responsible for cork taste and musty earth.

The design and construction of UV RER/ANEMO disinfection system is tailored in accordance with the specifications of the customers’. Do not hesitate to contact us, and our Research and Development team will determine the most appropriate disinfection solution for you.

Area of applications

  • Air disinfection in cold rooms
  • Disinfection of industrial emissions
  • Disinfection in Winery, viticultural cellar

Air Purification System Technical Features

  • Volume of treated air : up to 500 m3/h per unit
  • Option for customization of air purifier (colour, LED, logo integration)


traitement de l'air en milieu professionnel industriel


traitement de l'air en milieu professionnel industriel

Air Disinfection system installation in cold room


Example of industrial instalation

traitement de l'air en milieu professionnel industriel

Benefits of UV RER/ANEMO air disinfection systems

  • Greentech air disinfection and deodorization technology
  • Effectively removes micro-organisms as well as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as ethylene.
  • No secondary pollution by ozone rejection. In the contrary the UV-C radiation degrade ozone
  • Air purification in all areas, extensive product range which makes the air treatment system adaptable in all types of structures.
  • Significant reduction of risk of diseases, related to the airborne bacteria and viruses (respiratory diseases, SARS, cancers).
  • Cost reduction: Using UV RER/ANEMO air purification system prevents clogging of air conditioners or heating devices, thus reducing the energy consumption.
  • Efficiency: The annular reactor / tangential flow increases the time of germs passage and provides optimum exposure for the inactivation of micro-organisms and mineralization of VOCs by photocatalysis / UVC
  • Improves the comfort in the treated areas and reduces the risk of airborne contamination.
  • The UV RER/ANEMO air purification system do not load the air into free radicals: The radicals are generated in the TiO2 surface and are quickly consumed by degradation reactions.
  • No need of additional safety equipment when using UV RER/ANEMO air purification system, no risk for the staff.
  • User safety: UVc rays are confined and the operating staff are not subject to their effect
  • Return on investment: 1 month out of 5 gain of storage, limit production losses of 15% to 40% and also limit the loss of weight of products during storage.
  • Photocatalysis (PCO) generates hydroxyl radicals, which have a greater oxidation potential than ozone (2.8 V against 2,07V) which allows a better degradation of pollutants.
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